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BuzzZap is India's
Number 1 Solar Insect Killer

About us

Founded in 2010 and based in Pune, India, LeanWay Energy has a clear focus on developing renewable energy products affordable to common citizens. We are engineers and technocrats, developing solutions and products towards sustainable future. LWE is working with farmers on integrated pest management where BuzzZap Solar Insect Trap was designed. LeanWay works with industries to implement cost effective solar rooftop solutions with quality and transparency.

Products and services

BuzzZap Solar Insect killer, is one of the most innovative product that LWE has developed. BuzzZap is Made in India. With test reports from Indian Counsel of Agriculture Research, GOI Krishi Vidyan Kendra, BuzzZap has emerged to be the best Solar Insect Killer in India. With installations in different countries like France, Holland, Philippines, Africa etc BuzzZap is now a global product with happy farmers around the World. 

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