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About Us

Founded in 2010 LeanWay Energy is a company that provides a range of innovative solutions, including rooftop solar power, water conditioners, air ionizers, and solar insect traps for agriculture. These products are designed to help businesses and organizations optimize their energy usage, reduce their environmental impact, and improve their operational efficiency.


The BuzzZap Solar Insect Trap is a highly effective solution for insect control in agriculture. Insects can be a major problem for farmers, damaging crops and reducing yields, and traditional insect control methods can be harmful to the environment and expensive to implement.

The BuzzZap Solar Insect Trap uses a combination of UV light and variable wave length technology to capture enemy insects. The device operates using solar power, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for farmers. A fully automatic hassle free system. 

Installing BuzzZap Solar Insect Traps on farms can provide numerous benefits, including reduced crop damage, increased yields, and improved crop quality. The device also helps to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment and human health.

The BuzzZap Solar Insect Trap is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free solution for agriculture. The device is also portable, allowing farmers to move it easily between different areas of their farms as needed.

Overall, the BuzzZap Solar Insect Trap is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for insect control in agriculture. By using this device, farmers can reduce crop damage, increase yields, and improve the overall quality of their crops while also protecting the environment and reducing costs.

Our Company
Education and Innovation
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LeanWay Energy has three verticals. Renewable / Agriculture / Innovation and Education. BuzzZap Solar Insect Killer is one of the most successful product which we are exporting to different parts of the World. 

Raising a Hand

Innovation driven approach has helped LeanWay with its production development. BuzzZap is one such product. LeanWay has partnered with different institutes from where engineering students join hands with industry for real life experience and become a part of our team for product development and other engineering experiences.   


Implementing the principles of lean manufacturing systems, using the theories of reverse engineering and imports substitution, LeanWay Energy has developed several products like BuzzZap Solar Insect Traps, ScaleBreck Electronic Water Conditioners, EDOM Battery operated vehicles, Yuvayu Air Ionizers and Yuvalite Small solar systems. 

Environment & Sustainability

Sun, Wind and Water - the three amongst the PanchaMahabhuta have been our major source of energy. 

We work with farmers to help reduce the use of insecticides and pesticides with our innovative BuzzZap - A solar powered insect killer. To help the farmers from the ill effects of hard water, ScaleBreck - Electronic Water Conditioner has been developed. To save lives from air borne diseases, Yuvayu Air Ionizers are developed. We at LeanWay, respect environment and help develop products supporting sustainability. 

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