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The Mini is a highly effective way for trapping the flying enemy insects. Phototropic insects are attracted to the specifically designed special purpose lamp. The Mini is designed for areas of farm less than 0.5 acres, typically for small farmers who are still spending a lot on pesticides. With installations in vegetables, fruits, tea gardens and in almost all the crops, Mini has been showing promising results. 

The Mini runs on solar power and uses Li Ion batteries to power the lamp. Our well engineered control systems uses multiple program functions to run the Mini. It is fully automatic with minimal human intervention. 

Product Specifications

Operation method

DC generated by solar panel

Trapping System

Special purpose lamp / Water 

Solar Panel Specs

5 W Poly Crystalline Solar Cells 


Special Purpose 

Controller & Battery

Over charge, deep discharge, low battery, auto On / Off


7.2 V, 2.5 AH Li-Ion

Weight & package

BOX packing : 40cm*41cm*28cm

Weight - 7 Kg

Working Time

3 hours after sunset

Auto ON / Off

Design / Coverage Area

0.5 - 0.75 Acres

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