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BuzzZap is one of the best solar insect killer that is available in the market. Designed to perfection and manufactured in India, BuzzZap is standing tall in not only different parts of  India, but around the World. From all types of vegetables, fruits to tea gardens, BuzzZap has shown wonderful results in pest management. The amount of spraying of insecticides has shown a reduction of up to 50%. With a design registration, a CE mark, a test report from KVK and testimonials from around the World, BuzzZap performance is beyond a doubt helping our farmer brothers.

Product Specifications

Operation method

DC generated by solar panel

Trapping System

Special purpose lamp / electroculation 

Solar Panel Specs

18 W Poly Crystalline Solar Cells 


Special Purpose 

Controller & Battery

Over charge, deep discharge, low battery, auto On / Off


12.8 V, 6 AH LiFePO.4

Weight & package

BOX packing : 52cm*46cm*38cm

Weight - 15 Kg

Working Time

3 hours after sunset

Auto ON / Off

Design / Coverage Area

2 Acres

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